Volunteer Taking a BreakVolunteers needed

Please email scssaclub@gmail.com to volunteer.

Volunteer Opportunities

The Sublette County Ski and Snowboard Association hosts four events each season.

  • Ski & Gear swap the first Saturday in November
  • Warren Miller Movie in November
  • Sunny Korfanta  G.S. in February
  • Flamingo Cup in March

Our events generate revenue for the local economy and raise funds for SCSSA to provide recreation opportunities for the community.

VolunteerSCSSA operates with a small group of volunteers and a limited budget, and must rely heavily on the generosity of more volunteers. To ensure the success of our events SCSSA  encourages club members to volunteer with events.  It is also a way to get  involved and committed to the success of the Club.

Volunteer opportunities will be emailed to members who are interested prior to events.   The list of positions that are available will be posted on the volunteer tab on our website.

Volunteer positions include skiing and non-skiing positions.  Please consider being a volunteer.

Trip / Activities  Volunteer

We are seeking trip coordinators. Responsibilities would include helping to set trip date and sending emails to members participating in the trip pertaining to reservations and deadlines.

Benefits for Trip Coordinator: a portion of  lodging cost would paid by the club.

All participants and coordinator must be current SCSSA members (Have a current membership card)

Warren Miller Movie

Sell tickets at the door.

MC event.

Ski & Gear Swap Volunteer ListVolunteer Radio

  • Help load items after Jackson ski swap
  • Help with drop off  and set up of ski swap
  • Sell discount cards at door
  • Collecting entry fee at the door
  • Club sign up table (race team/discount card/trips)
  • Check out table
  • Help with sizing equipment
  • Clean up

Race volunteer lists

Sunny Korfanta GSVolunteer hauling orange fence

  • Starter
  • Assistant Starter
  • Finish Timer
  • Assistant Finish Timer
  • Announcer
  • Course Maintenance

Flamingo Cup

  • Starter
  • Assistant Starter
  • Finish Timer
  • Assistant Finish Timer (non-skier)
  • Finish Computer
  • Hand timing Finish x2 (non-skier)
  • Hand timing Start x2
  • Midway clear
  • Lower Monkey Hump Clear
  • Score Board (non-skier)
  • Announcer  (non-skier)
  • Flags
  • Head Gate Keeper
  • Gate Keepers  (some non-skier positions)
  • Bib collection (non-skier)
  • Course Maintenance
  • Results Copies (non-skier)
  • Sac Lunches (non-skier)

Volunteer lists are incomplete. Watch for updates